Y8060CNC CNC gear turning machine

Machine tool main performance, features:
  ◆The machine tool is a six-axis four-linkage CNC gear turning machine, which can use dry and wet cutting methods to efficiently process internal and external cylindrical gears, which is green and environmentally friendly and has strong applicability.
  ◆Machine tool spindle and table spindle are directly driven by high-performance electric spindle, and the transmission system has good rigidity and high precision.
  ◆The machine has the characteristics of precision and efficient processing, the processing efficiency is 4-8 times that of the gear shaper, and the finishing accuracy reaches the 6-7 level of GB/T 10095.1-2008.
  ◆The machine tool has a fully enclosed external shield and internal shield, and has a perfect and reliable chip and oil mist dust collection and chip removal system.
  ◆The machine can be equipped with a single loading and unloading mechanism, automatic transmission silo, to meet the needs of automatic and flexible production.
  ◆The machine can be configured with Siemens or FANUC systems.
Main technical and specification parameters of machine tool:
Serial numberMain technical specificationParameter specification
1Maximum inner tooth root circle diameter of the workpiecemm600
2Maximum diameter of workpiece external teethmm700
3Maximum workpiece modulusmm8
4Maximum turning Angle of the toolThe degree of±25°
5Horizontal distance from tool center to table centermm0-500
6Range of distance between spindle end face of gear tool and table surfacemm220-870
7Gear cutter spindle maximum speedr/min2000
8Maximum speed of tabler/min1000


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