Y8030CNC CNC gear turning machine

The machine tool is mainly used for the mass processing of small and medium modulus internal gear, such as the inner gear ring of the automobile synchronizer, the inner gear ring of the reducer, etc., especially for the processing of the teeth without the tool return slot or the smaller tool return slot.

Main technical and specification parameters of machine tool:
Serial numberMain technical specificationParameter specification
1Maximum inner tooth root circle diameter of the workpiecemm300
2Maximum diameter of workpiece external teethmm300
3Maximum workpiece modulusmm5
4Maximum turning Angle of the toolThe degree of±25°
5Horizontal distance from tool center to table centermm0-350
6Range of distance between spindle end face of gear tool and table surfacemm230-630
7Gear cutter spindle maximum speedr/min2500
8Maximum speed of tabler/min1500

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