Y3180HCNC4 Series upgrade CNC gear hobbing machine

Machine tool main performance, features:

  ◆The machine tool is a four-axis four-linkage wet cutting CNC hobbing machine. It is a CNC hobbing machine developed by domestic CNC system based on Y3150E and Y3180H produced by heavy machine respectively.     ◆The main supporting parts of the machine tool (bed, large column, small column, tool holder, workbench, etc.) have been natural failure for a long time, and the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool are good.

◆The machine tool is standard equipped with domestic CNC system; The machine tool has the functions of man-machine interface, parametric programming, etc. The machine can realize one clamping, multiple, multiple box cycles.

◆The machine is equipped with a fully enclosed guard; Optional oil mist collection device, automatic chip removal device, automatic workpiece clamping device, etc.

◆The machine can process cylindrical spur gear, helical gear, small taper gear, drum gear, sprocket, spline, worm gear and so on.

Main technical and specification parameters of machine tool:
Serial numberMain technical specificationParameter specification
1Maximum workpiece diametermm800
2Maximum workpiece modulusmm10
3Maximum speed of hob spindler/min200
4Maximum speed of tabler/min5.8
5Max. tool size (diameter × length)mmΦ180×180
6Maximum manual channeling distancemm50

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