KFD900 Diamond wire single square machine

The equipment adopts the high-speed “well” line network to move vertically to cut silicon rods, and holds the silicon rods with the top tightening method at both ends (non-bonding), and can automatically find the straight edge, cooperate with the manipulator to load and load, to realize the efficient square cutting operation of solar monocrystalline silicon rods. It is the preferred equipment for the processing of a new generation of solar monocrystalline silicon slices.

Main technical parameters
Outer diameter of diamond wire0.25-0.42mm
Maximum linear velocity25m/s
Tension range0~130N
Cutting feed≥40mm/min
Fast moving speed1000 mm/min
Machining margin range166~210 mm
Storage line length10km
Rod clamping length200~900mm(usual325~700)
Clamping rod diameterφ210~310mm usual:215(8.4寸)mm
Vertical travel distance700mm
Longitudinal travel distance940mm
Lateral travel distance450mm

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