FSW16MG400 Large CNC Movable Gantry Friction Stir Welding Machine

FSW16MG400 is a five-axis, four-linkage large-scale CNC dynamic gantry stir friction welding machine, which is suitable for the rail transportation industry (train body parts) and the heavy-duty automobile industry (wagon compartment parts), and perfectly solves the strength and surface roughness of aluminum alloy welding, and is the preferred choice of aluminum alloy welding equipment.

Parameter: Parameter list of machine tool technical specifications


Main specification parameters of machine toolsMachine ModelFSW16MG400
Effective X-axis travel mm12000
Maximum X-axis speed mm/min6000
Effective Y-axis travel mm4000
    Maximum Y-axis speed mm/min6000
Effective Z-axis travel mm500
Z-axis maximum speed mm/min3000
Maximum spindle speed RPM3000
Maximum C-axis speed RPM10
Welding ObjectsWelding materialAluminum profiles and sheets
Part CharacteristicsSheets, flat profiles, single-sided ribbed profiles, hollow profiles
Connector formdocking and overlapping
Welding RequirementsWelding thicknessAluminum alloy 1-16 mm
Welding ShapeStraight lines, planar two-dimensional curves
Effective welding space12000mm × 4000mm × 500mm (X/Y/Z)

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