(FH)SGPC-D Drum type magnetic chip conveyor

The equipment is a drum type magnetic chip conveyor, which is suitable for automatic chip evacuation of milling machine tools, such as gear hobbing machine tools. Chip removal materials include sheets, strips and granular iron filings of various materials.

1. The equipment drives the sprocket chain transmission through the geared motor, and the drum is used as the transmission mechanism, and the iron filings of the machine tool fall from the chip outlet. 2. The equipment has smooth chip removal, small size, high efficiency, stable transportation, safe and reliable, low noise, etc.
3. The main specifications and technical parameters of the equipment
Device model1
The device is long x wide x highCustomer-specific
Motor power0.1(0.2)kw
Reduction ratio1:160
Redcution Tyon Lasioabout 12kg/min

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