Gear mesh check automatic line

It can automatically complete the thermal cleaning of gear parts, double rodent inspection (key size inspection), marking, oiling, sorting and other testing processes, and can sort and treat qualified products, waste products, repaired products. The whole line is equipped with on-site management and intelligent monitoring information system to track and analyze production data in real time.

(1) Main features:
1, modular design, can be free to increase or decrease according to customer needs.
2, compound function, a test can obtain a number of test results, greatly improve the detection efficiency.
3, a wide range of flexible quick change technology (all change interfaces use quick change interface, the robot hand grip adopts screw free quick change structure).
4, with sorting and oiling function, can distinguish qualified products, waste products and repair products, and qualified products for marking and oiling.
5, equipped with on-site management and intelligent monitoring information system, real-time collection and analysis of production data.
(2) Comparison with traditional production mode


Traditional production mode

Automatic line production mode


Number of people (per class)

Cleaning machine (10 slots)

Double rodent

Inner hole and height detection


Movement of materials between processes

Only one person to load and unload the material. All other processes are automated

Save 4 players







Working hours


8 hours

Production beat

1 piece




1 piece

35 seconds

Shorten by 20%

All processes are carried out in series

All processes are carried out in parallel

Double shift output



Increase by 21%

Cleaning process

The whole frame cleaning, high efficiency but the workpiece cleanliness is poor, the detection pass rate is low

Single piece cleaning, workpiece surface clean, high detection pass rate

Improve the pass rate and significantly reduce the processing of unqualified
Product time

Data acquisition and traceability

It is not easy to collect, trace and analyze data

Data can be collected, traced and analyzed in real time

Greatly improved intelligence

Part bump

The flow between each process is manual

The flow between each process adopts manipulator to avoid human participation

Effectively reduce bumps

Floor space

The equipment is scattered and covers a large area

The equipment is concentrated and the floor area is small

Production capacity per unit area has increased significantly


There are many staff, difficult management, and high management costs

Streamline personnel, reduce management costs and difficulties, and solve the enterprise
The problem of difficult employment.

Improve management efficiency and reduce management costs.


There are many human factors, and the workpiece detection accuracy is not easy to control

The manual is not more involved in the detection to ensure the stability of the detection quality.

Reduce scrap rate and accelerate brand promotion.

Ask when changing your style

Replace each single tool

The whole line adopts quick-change module. Change time within 1 hour

Flexible lifting


(3) Key technical indicators of products

Index name

Data ·



Maximum diameter

Maximum workpiece weight carried


Workpiece repeated positioning accuracy

士0.05 mm

Mean time without failure (MTBF)

1200 + hours

Cleaning cleanliness requirements

Motorcycle gear (weight ≤1.5Kg)≤4mg, automobile gear (weight ≤3Kg)≤10mg

Dryness requirement

No oil, no dirt, no small water beads, slightly wet, not wet when wiped with paper

Detection accuracy (assembly size, radial runout, inner hole size)


Inspection accuracy

Gear 6 level accuracy

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