Italy SISMA jewelry laser processing machinery introduction

SISMA Italia is a worldwide reference in the design and production of ultra-high precision mechanical and laser systems.

Founded in 1961, SISMA has been able to build more than 130 models of machines for the automatic production of gold chains, thanks to its accumulated experience. Today, at the forefront of laser system development, SISMA has been able to extend its expertise to create production solutions for marking, welding, cutting, engraving and additive manufacturing. SISMA has made a career out of innovation, combining a modern and independent production organization with a large number of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing the highest product quality and a timely response to market changes and requirements.

I. Series of laser marking and engraving machines for gold jewelry

Integratable resources, compact desktop systems, stand-alone systems with support bases and workstations.

SARTY, desktop laser marking and engraving system.


SARTY is a compact desktop laser marking and engraving system with rugged construction. It can be quickly adapted to handle different objects by simply changing the template.

Highly productive:

Load/unload options during processing, and the consequent elimination of downtime, make the SARTY ideal for marking multiple parts in a single batch.


SARTY is compatible with Coaxial Vision Systems (CVS) for automated part recognition and comes with powerful, flexible software that connects to company databases.

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