East China numerical control: CNC machine tools powerhouse products to break the monopoly of powerful countries

Listed on June 12, East China numerical control (002248), is the development, production and manufacture of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, key functional components (CNC systems, encoders, high-speed precision machine tool spindles, tool magazines, etc.) and general machine tools for the main business of high-tech enterprises, in the research and development and production of large-scale rail plate CNC molding grinder with the international leading level.
Products to break the monopoly of powerful countries
East China Numerical Control is currently one of the few domestic enterprises with both advanced design and production capacity of gantry grinding machines and gantry milling machines. With the help of this technical compound advantage, the company won the bidding in the project of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railroad (Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Demonstration Section) of the Sixth Bureau of China Railway of the Ministry of Railway in February, 2006, and successfully contracted a BZM-650 Bo-format CNC grinder specializing in rail plate, which breaks the long-standing monopoly of Germany, the strongest country of the manufacturing sector, and ensures the smooth progress of the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway Transportation Project. Smooth progress of the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Rail Transportation Project.
Independent innovation for the East China numerical control to break the monopoly of powerful countries to provide a guarantee. Tang Shixian, chairman and general manager of the company, said that since its inception, East China CNC has always insisted on taking the road of development of independent innovation, high-tech scientific research and development as the enterprise can maintain rapid development of the foundation and the key to the hard, software and constantly increase the investment in the two aspects of the market competitiveness continues to increase. The company will account for more than 5% of the annual sales income of funds invested in technology development, through self-development, cooperative development, the introduction of digestion and other ways to have a number of patents and know-how, respectively, reached the international advanced or domestic leading level.
By 2006, East China Numerical Control has developed into a medium-sized enterprise in the domestic machine tool industry, entering a period of rapid growth. According to the China Machine Tool Industry Association statistics, in 2006 the company’s CNC gantry machine tool products accounted for about 7% of the domestic product market share; surface grinding machine products accounted for about 13% of the domestic product market share in the country ranked in the top five in the same industry; universal rocking-arm milling machine market share of about 19% in the country ranked first in the same industry in a dominant position.
Performance will grow rapidly
Tang Shixian said that the company through the IPO of the new “CNC gantry machine tool technology transformation project”, “CNC cylindrical grinding machine production project” and “CNC roll grinding machine production project”. The project is a high technology content, with independent intellectual property rights of the project, the fund-raising project after production, the company’s scale and strength will be on a new level, the company’s performance in the next few years will achieve rapid growth.
According to the project plan, after the completion of the project investment, East China CNC CNC gantry machine tools, CNC cylindrical grinding machine and CNC roll grinding machine production will be added 200 units / year, 120 units / year and 27 units / year. After the three projects reach production, the company’s sales revenue and total profits will have a greater growth. According to Haitong Securities forecast, the company’s 2008-2010 operating income is expected to increase from 398 million yuan in 2007 to 1.211 billion yuan in 2010, the three-year compound growth rate of net profit is expected to exceed 50%.
According to the plan, by 2010, East China CNC will enter the ranks of large machine tool manufacturers. Tang Shixian said that the domestic machine tool industry is a low degree of concentration of the industry, the company’s future will be specialized development as the leading direction, the formation of technology, brand and scale advantages in certain industry segments; and, the company will use the capital market platform to accelerate industry integration, not excluding the acquisition of mature production capacity at the right time.
Tang Shixian said that the future of the world’s machine tool manufacturing industry will gradually transfer to Asian countries, China’s machine tool industry will appear “to replace imports – exports – localization of functional components,” the evolution of the process! China’s machine tool industry will face great opportunities for development. East China CNC will seize the opportunity to achieve sustained and stable benign development.

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